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Interior Painting


Before we open a gallon of paint we need to prepare a room for painting. We are often asked if we will be moving the furniture in a room, the answer is of course yes. We do ask that you remove the small breakable items, but beyond that we will take care of the rest.

Site Protection


The next step is to protect the surroundings from the splatter that paint rollers produce. Multiple methods are used, one being canvas painters tarps. But sometimes a tarp is not always the best choice, we also use rosin paper when working over tile or wood flooring. In carpeted areas a plastic that sticks directly to the carpet is a great tool for us to use in a hall or staircase. Tape is used on the baseboards and window sills to protect them from unwanted roller splatter, unfortunately this is not common practice among all painters. We see a lot of baseboards covered with paint splatter, if this is your case we can restore them for you. Over furniture we use lightweight painter’s plastic, which is a much better option than a tarp because the plastic is always clean and never reused like tarps. 

Cracks and "minor" holes


Next we look over the ceiling and walls for cracks and nail holes that need filling. Many times we will come across a room that has had wall hangings that have been moved leaving behind a nail hole. Or you may want to rearrange the existing items. In that case just let us know what you would like removed and we will take care of the holes left behind. To fill the minor cracks caulk is used, and for nail holes we use lightweight spackle.

Drywall Repair


Many times we come across more than a minor crack or nail hole that needs attention, drywall repair is a common need in the course of a painting project. From small holes due to drywall screws and door knobs, to a large damaged area caused by a water leak we have seen it all.


Along with the drywall that gets damaged when there is a water leak there can be the presence of mold in the wall cavity. Once we have removed the affected drywall we will be able to see into the ceiling or wall cavity and inspect the area for mold. If we see any mold we will seal it up with a white pigmented shellac. 


Shellac Flake



Shellac is the best product for sealing water stains and the strongest of odors. We use this product in fire restoration to block the smell of smoke, which is very difficult to mask. Also its the only product that will seal in the smell of a cat that has decided to move its litter box without your permission.

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